Present Value is an independent editorial project produced and hosted by students at Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management. We aim to bring ideas and insights from renowned thought-leaders to curious minds everywhere. Special thanks to Cornell University's Language Resource Center for as well as Cornell Broadcast Center for the use of their studios.


2020-2021 Executive Team

Greg Wool
Maria Castex
Alex Vorwald
Paul Witko

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Ghady Arida
Eric Jo

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Jason Li
Will O'Hearn
Adam Mousa
William Stankiewicz
Gleb Margolin
Christine Gabrellian
Tyler Ashcroft
Afua Asantewaa
Minwei Cao


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Elizabeth Patz

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2017-2019: Harrison Jobe (Founder)

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2018-2020: Jack Moriarty 

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2017-2019: Caroline Wright

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2018-2020: Bernardo Espinosa


2019-2020: Shola Aiyegbusi

2019-2020: Matthew Douglas

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